Wow … Nvidia vs AMD … just sad

While it’s highly unlikely that Nvidia’s involvement with the game has had any detrimental effect on AMD’s performance—despite what AMD will probably say—the fact that it runs so poorly on its own hardware is disappointing to say the least. In a recent interview with Ars, Rocksteady’s Lead Engine Programmer Dustin Holm explained that a “whole team at Nvidia” was working alongside the company to develop the game.

[Nvidia has] a team of people in their GameWorks division that develops this whole new set of technologies that do some really amazing stuff that’s optimized to run on their cards. They then come to us with these proposals of some ideas of things that they can integrate in.

A lot of the content is developed by them—we do collaborate on some things—but a lot of it is super technical. Like, they do a brilliant fluid simulation. Up until now, that kind of simulation has been way beyond the reach of what we can do in real time, but they’ve got some super big video cards that can run everything we’ve built, but they can run a little bit extra so they can run their own stuff on top as well. It’s been the same process for all the games.

When questioned on the subject of GameWorks performance and AMD cards, Holm said, “We work with Nvidia and we trust their abilities to get it running well on their hardware, which they do, and no, those [GameWorks] features don’t run on AMD, but we also work with the AMD driver team to work with them on performance issues so they can develop drivers. My job is to make sure that you get a good experience, so we try our best to make sure everything is running well on all platforms.”


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