White House Petitioned to Investigate MPAA Bribery

The public has started a petition asking the White House to investigate comments made by MPAA CEO Chris Dodd a few days ago on Fox News. Closing a tumultuous week of wide protest against PIPA and SOPA – two MPAA backed anti-piracy bills – Dodd threatened to stop the cash-flow to politicians who dare to take a stand against pro-Hollywood legislation. Clear bribery, the petition claims, and already thousands agree.

25,000 signatures are required before the whitehouse will look into this matter.

You can directly sign up for the petition here: https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/!/petition/investigate-chris-dodd-and-mpaa-bribery-after-he-publicly-admited-bribing-politicans-pass/DffX0YQv

For more information about this and SOPA / PIPA, read the article here on torrent freak http://torrentfreak.com/white-house-petitioned-to-investigate-mpaa-bribery-120122/


There is also a petition against ACTA which is being discussed by quite a number of countries. This petition is open to everyone, not just Americans.



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