Apple CEO Tim Cook: We Have More Money Than We Need

Cook is wondering what to do with the company's $97.6 billion


There’s no doubt that Apple is a cash cow. Just last year, many reports started circulating that the tech giant had a larger bank account than the U.S. government, where Apple ended June 2011 with $76.2 billion and the government had $73.8 billion. Now, Apple CEO Tim Cook is saying that the company has more money than it needs.

Apple used to pay shareholders a quarterly dividend, but stopped doing so in 1995 because of Apple’s financial hardships. Apple even had to turn to Microsoft for a $150 million infusion around the time that Jobs came back as CEO in 1997.

The best thing Apple can do with that money is to create new jobs in the US. Obviously everyone knows there are problems with the labor Apple uses (Foxconn). So instead of contracting other companies to create the Apple products, why not hire people here that can do the same? They have the money to pay the salary required from US. Also, I’m sure they would sell even more products if they are marked as “Made in US”.



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